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Globe Amaranth Seed Pack

Globe Amaranth Seed Pack

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Gomphrena globosa. Globe Amaranth is an annual plant which produces bright magenta colored bracts that are great for fresh and dried floral arrangements. In a letter written by John Custis of Williamsburg in1742, he says of globe amaranth “I esteem it one of the prettiest things I ever saw.”

The mature plants are an excellent choice for dry, sunny locations. Young plants need regular moisture to become established. Plants grow 1-2’ tall and 1’ wide. The plants will bloom from June until frost. Removing the faded blossoms will encourage more flowers. Deadhead by pinching the faded bloom, including the attached stem, down to the succeeding bloom or leaf.

Start the plants from seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date or sow them directly outside after the danger of frost has past. Cover the seeds with 1/8” of soil as darkness aids germination. Seeds take 10-14 days to germinate at 70-75 degrees.

USDA Zones 2-11.

Heirloom seeds are collected, cleaned and packaged by hand at Mount Vernon.


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