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Gaillardia Flower Seed Pack

Gaillardia Flower Seed Pack

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Gaillardia x grandiflora.  Gaillardia is a popular garden perennial.  Its daisy-like flowers bloom all summer to frost and are red with yellow margins.  Removal of faded flowers will prolong bloom time.  Gaillardia grows to a height of 12 to 18 inches.  This perennial is very tolerant of heat and drought and prefers to be planted in a sunny location with light, sandy, well-drained soil.

Seeds may be sown outdoors throughout spring and summer, up to two months before frost; those planted early will bloom in the first year.  Seeds should not be covered with soil as light aids in germination.  Plants should be spaced 10 to 15 inches apart.  Divide mature plants every two to three years.

Gaillardia is native to North and South America and was named for a French botanist in 1788.

Heirloom seeds are collected, cleaned and packaged by hand at Mount Vernon.



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