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Gable Roof Bee House

Gable Roof Bee House

Price: $82.00


This funny looking house is for bees, not birds!

Bee houses have been pre-drilled with the right size holes to provide clean, healthy nesting sites for a variety of gentle, native pollinating bees. The mild mannered North American native bees, such as Orchard Mason Bees and Horned-Faced Bees, that choose to make their homes in your bee house, will beautify your garden with their efficient pollination.

The Gable Roof oak and pine bee house is 6 1/2" wide, 7 1/2" deep and 9 1/5" high.

Advice regarding the placement and care of the bee house and detailed instructions for the wintering over of your bees is provided.

Item # 16821
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