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False Indigo Seed Pack

False Indigo Seed Pack

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Baptisia Australis. This beautiful North American Native perennial makes a beautiful specimen for the sunny border. False Indigo was used to create dyes for Native Americans and early settlers. The blue dye produced by this plant was much more affordable and readily available compared to true Indigo.

Baptisia grows 3-4’ tall and wide and produces beautiful dark blue to lavender spikes atop blue-green foliage. It blooms from late spring into summer. An excellent cut flower which also produced beautiful seed pods ideal for dried arrangements. The plants require full sun and well-drained soil. Baptisia’s deep tap roots make it an excellent choice for dry, hot locations but this characteristic also makes transplanting difficult.

Due to the hard seed coat, seeds must be soaked before sowing. Place seeds in a container filled with hot tap water and soak overnight. It takes 2-4 weeks for seeds to germinate. Surface sow seeds indoors or directly into the garden, lightly pressing the seeds into the soil. Do not cover as the seeds need light to germinate. Baptisia grown from seed take 2-3 years to establish and produce flowers.

USDA Zone 3-9.

Heirloom seeds are collected, cleaned and packaged by hand at Mount Vernon.




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