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George Washington on Horseback

George Washington on Horseback

Price: $55.95


At a time when good horsemanship was more commonplace, George Washington stood out from his contemporaries. A fellow officer in the French and Indian War described him as “a splendid horseman”. During the Revolution, a French visitor rode one of Washington’s horses, noting that the animal was as good as he was handsome, but above all, perfectly well broken and well trained, having a good mouth, easy in hand, and stopping short in gallop without bearing the bit”. He went on to say that these characteristics of the horse were important because “it is the General himself who breaks in all his own horses, and because he is a very excellent and bold horseman, leaping the highest fences, and going extremely quick, without standing upon his stirrups, bearing on the bridle, or letting his horse run wild.”

The handsome resin sculpture of Washington on horseback is 6” tall overall. The sculpture is attached to a felt-bottomed oval base which is approximately 5 ¼ “ x 3 ¾”.            

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