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George Washington’s D.C. Cherry Blossom Porcelain Vase

George Washington’s D.C. Cherry Blossom Porcelain Vase

Price: $14.95


Every great nation should have an equally great capital city to celebrate its history, culture, and political structure. George Washington recognized the importance of establishing and locating the American capital and worked closely with architects, designers, and builders to create some of the city’s most prominent and enduring features.

From his vantage point, Washington delighted in watching the construction of the city that bears his name. Washington, DC developed according to his belief in a strong democratic government, filled with edifices and ideas that would become “the Pillars on which the glorious Fabrick of our Independency and National Character must be supported.”

The Cherry Blossom Porcelain Vase features an image of the U.S. Capitol with a surround of pink and white cherry blossoms and a circle of blossoms around the neck of the vase. The vase is 5 ¼” tall.

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