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Mount Vernon Stained Glass Puzzle

Mount Vernon Stained Glass Puzzle

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This puzzle, with 750 interlocking pieces, is based on the scenes from the life of George Washington stained glass featured in the Ford Orientation Center.  The large work was created for Karl J. Mueller’s “exhibition hall” in Zephryhills, Florida, in the mid-20th century.  At that time, the German-born Mueller had the second largest stained glass studio in America.  He employed a number of artists who each had a specialty; face painter, drapery and ornamental painter, glass cutter, and lead glazer.  The glass was first hand painted and then fired to fuse the color onto the glass.  The pieces were assembled with strips of lead and soldered into place. The main scene is the Reading of the Declaration of Independence to Washington, 1776.  Four smaller scenes include: “I Can Not Tell a Lie”, Washington Crossing the Delaware, Washington and Alexander Hamilton, and Washington Taking His Inaugural Oath.
Finished size is 18” x 24”.

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