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George Washington Cup & Ball Toy

George Washington Cup & Ball Toy

Price: $8.95


George Washington played here!  Mount Vernon frequently echoed with exuberant childhood laughter, and even George is sure to have mastered the challenging ball and cup toy, a delightful colonial game of skill.  Though George and Martha had no children of their own, George was a “generous and attentive” father to his stepchildren, “Jacky” and “Patsy,” and an especially doting grandfather to Martha’s grandchildren, “Nelly” and “Washy” Custis.
A traditional wooden folk toy popular with both adults and children for generations, the ball and cup toy provides hours of entertainment.  Test your hand-eye coordination.  Hold the cup in one hand, give the cup a swinging motion that causes the ball to swing upward, and catch the ball in the cup!
Measures 1 ½” wide x 7 ½” high.

Available in two designs for girls and boys.

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