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Cherry Pie Magnet

Cherry Pie Magnet

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The Myth:  As a boy, George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and when asked about the tree by his father, he confessed, saying, “I cannot tell a lie.”

The Fact:  There were cherry trees at Mount Vernon and George Washington chopped down some of them.  The tale about Washington’s childhood honesty is only a legend, originating in the imagination of Parson Mason Weems, an early biographer of Washington.  Weems invented several anecdotes about Washington’s early life to illustrate the origins of the heroic qualities Washington exhibited as an adult.  Introduced to countless school children as a moral tale in the McGuffey Reader textbook, the parable has become a persistent part of American mythology.

The resin cherry pie magnet is 2 ½” in diameter. Magnet is presented on a heavy card which includes historical information.


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