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George Washington’s Military Genius

George Washington’s Military Genius

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By Dave R. Palmer, Former Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. ISBN 978-1-59698-791-3. Copyright 2012.  Hardcover with 254 pages including notes, selected bibliography and index.

Although many military historians dismiss George Washington as merely lucky, saying he won the Revolutionary Was by sheer dogged persistence against a half-hearted British enemy that decided the prize wasn’t worth the cost, Lieut. Gen. Dave R. Palmer holds a different view. Palmer reveals how Washington held his army together and built it with little or no money and in the beginning, no allies.  He found European professional military men such as Baron von Steuben to train his soldiers and capitalized on the results. Palmer concludes that Washington’s strategy was suited to his aim and changed with the circumstances of the war. 

A Mount Vernon bookplate signed by the author is included with purchase.


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