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The Prayer at Valley Forge: Small Textured Edition

The Prayer at Valley Forge: Small Textured Edition

Price: $55.00


As seen in the Shops at Mount Vernon, this small version of “The Prayer at Valley Forge”, which measures approximately 11 1/2 "  x 16",  is just the right size for a small room or hallway. A lightweight walnut colored frame holds the 8” x 13” textured paper lithograph.

 Arnold Friberg created the original painting of “The Prayer at Valley Forge” in 1976 to honor our country’s bicentennial year.  In it we feel the cold, the suffering, and the weight of the burden falling on General George Washington, driven to his knees there in the bitter snows of Valley Forge.  This picture expresses a powerful affirmation of faith, patriotic duty, and the deep spiritual depths in the founding of our country.  “The Prayer at Valley Forge – Arnold Friberg” is inscribed on the brass plaque.

Printed and assembled in the USA.


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