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Mount Vernon West View Panoramic Framed Pictures

Mount Vernon West View Panoramic Framed Pictures

Item #9963

Price: $125.00

Item #9961

Price: $225.00

Originally in George Washington’s family from the 17th century, the land and buildings of Mount Vernon represent a lifetime of dedication Washington brought to this place. In contrast to the dominance of the natural vista of the Potomac to the east, the panorama of The Bowling Green imprints a deliberate control of design over nature. The vantage point of this full 360° panorama clearly shows Washington defining man’s place in an unimaginably vast land. From the foothold strongly defined by the mansion, the space is uncompromisingly anchored along the southeast-southwest axis, softened only by a serpentine path and planting of trees which flank it on the north and south. The great concession to nature is the open expanse to the northwest, an acknowledgment to the unexplored continent beyond.
Fuji Color Crystal Archive Professional Paper Type CD.
Nielsen Florentine Walnut frame, matted with four-ply acid free white museum board. Mounted on 3/16” acid-free white foam core.
Signed and numbered by noted Photographer James O. Phelps.
Available in two sizes:
Framed Photo 40” long x 10” high.
Framed Photo 20” long x 6” high.

Please note that Next Day and 2nd Day services are not available for the 40" x 10" item.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

These items cannot be shipped internationally.

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