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Hand-Blown Wine Rinser and Tavern Glasses

Hand-Blown Wine Rinser and Tavern Glasses

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Glassmaking in America began in Jamestown, Virginia.  Today, artisans employ tools and techniques similar to those used centuries ago to produce glass at the Jamestown Glasshouse, part of Colonial National Historic Park.

This historic cobalt blue wine rinser is a reproduction of those used at Mount Vernon and is made exclusively for the Shops.  Wine rinsers were often seen at the table for an elaborate meal in the 18th century.  A different wine would have been served at each course and the glass would be rinsed between servings using a graceful container like this one. 

The tavern glass is made in the style commonly seen at homes and taverns in colonial times.  A clear tavern glass was generally used for wine while a darker colored glass was used for water.  The glasses vary slightly in size and have the bubbles and bumps indicative of hand-blown glass. 

Wine rinsers are approximately 3” deep with a diameter of approximately 5 ½”.  Tavern glasses are approximately 7 ½” tall with a diameter of approximately 3”.

Custom designed and hand-blown in Virginia.


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