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“Bo” the Presidential Pup by Ty

“Bo” the Presidential Pup by Ty

Price: $12.95



George and Martha Washington were fond of pets; in addition to dogs and horses they also had parrots and a cockatoo.  Some of George Washingtons' dogs were named Mopsey, Taster, Tipler, Jupiter, Sweetlips, Truelove and Rover.  The biggest French hound was Vulcan, who once stole a dinner ham from the kitchen and was often ridden by the Washingtons' grandson.

Today, America’s First Family owns a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo.

This soft version of the presidential pup from Ty is approximately 11” tall. For ages 3 and up. Surface wash only.

Bo’s red ribbon collar holds a red, white, and blue bone-shaped tag with the poem

“I just want to jump and play,

But I will never run away,

I love my house, it’s big and white,

            And I can roam all day and night!   

 Visitors to Mount Vernon are welcome to bring their leashed dogs along with them while visiting the grounds.



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