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Mount Vernon 1792 West View Collectible Wood Sculpture

Mount Vernon 1792 West View Collectible Wood Sculpture

Price: $16.95



“No estate in United America is more pleasantly situated than this,” wrote George Washington in 1790.  Washington settled at Mount Vernon in 1754 and for nearly half-a-century he expanded his Mansion to its present size and carefully developed the ornamental landscape surrounding his beloved home.  Although Washington was not a trained architect, he had a remarkable sense of space, proportion, and design that he learned from his extensive travels and various architectural pattern books.  In 200 years, no home in America has surpassed the Mansion for its elegance and beauty.

This wooden block sculpture is inspired by the 1792 Edward Savage painting showing the west front and courtyard of the Mansion, with George Washington and his family strolling along the bowling green.

Wooden block sculpture is approximately 3 ¼” tall at the tallest point, 6 ½” wide, and ¾” deep. 

Handmade in Virginia.


Item # 19126
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