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Land of the Pilgrim’s Price

Land of the Pilgrim’s Price

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By Callista Gingrich. Illustrated by Susan Arciero. ISBN 978-1-59698-829-3. Copyright 2012. Hardcover with 40 pages including 30 illustrated pages and appendix.

Ellis the elephant was introduced in “Sweet Land of Liberty”, and now in the second book of the Ellis series, he is once again exploring the story of America’s beginnings. Join Ellis as he goes back in history to see some great events that took place in the 13 original American colonies. Ellis learns about Pocahontas’ rescue of Captain John Smith, the writing of the Mayflower Compact, Peter Minuit’s purchase of Manhattan and Ben Franklin’s discovery of electricity. This charming book is filled with facts about America and her first settlers.

For ages 5-8.


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