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Upon Secrecy

Upon Secrecy

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By Selene Castrovilla with illustrations byJeff Crosby and Shelley Ann Jackson. ISBN 978-1-59078-573-7. Copyright 2009. Hardcover with 32 pages including 20 color illustrations, map, timeline, places to visit, and selected bibliography.

In July 1770, four grueling years into the war, George Washington’s army waited for the French fleet that would join forces with them by bringing soldiers, weapons and supplies to Newport, Rhode Island. The General worried that the British knew that the foreign aid was coming so he turned to his most trusted source for answers: the Culper Spy Ring. For two years the ring had provided Washington with accurate information and the time had come to ask them again to send him information. Upon Secrecy is the fascinating story of a dangerous mission moving a spy letter from New York City to Setauket and across Long Island Sound to General Washington’s headquarters.

For ages 8 and up.


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