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George Washington's World

George Washington's World

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By Genevieve Foster.  ISBN 09643803-4-X.  Copyright 1941, 1997.  Softcover with 357 pages. 

More than 250 years have passed since that February morning when George Washington was born. In George Washington's world, when travel and the spread of news was slow and depended on sails and horses, many of the events that happened in distant parts of the world had their effect on one another and wove themselves into a single story. This book tells that story--the story of George Washington's life, of the people who were living when he was, both in America, and all over the world. It tells of what they did when they were children, and of how later on the pattern of their lives fitted together, and what part each one played in that greatest of all adventure stories, the History of the World.

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