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George Did It

George Did It

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By Suzanne Tripp Jurmain with illustrations by Larry Day. ISBN 978-0-14-240895-7. Copyright 2006.  Softcover with 40 colorfully illustrated pages. 

In 1789, almost everyone wanted George Washington to be the first president of the United States, but not Washington himself. He had led the army in a fight against the British  and helped write the Constitution but at age 57, wanted to stay home in Virginia with his wife and tend his farm, fix his house and go foxhunting with dogs.

Washington's reluctant, nervous, journey to the presidency is told factually and with humor.

Ages 5 and up.

A "Booklist" Editor's Choice.

A "School Library Journal" Best Book of the Year.

A " Book Links" " Lasting Connections of 2005" Selection.

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