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Constitution Construction - 4th Edition: A Comix with Content

Constitution Construction - 4th Edition: A Comix with Content

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By Bentley Boyd.  A Comix with Content featuring Chester (a crab). ISBN: 978-0-9729616-2-2.  Copyright 2010.  Softcover with 24 illustrated pages plus index.  Companion teacher’s guide available at no charge at 

When Chester fell asleep reading about the United States Constitution, he dreamt about some of the ideas and experiences that led to the creation of the Constitution.  In his dreams he exchanged ideas with John Locke about natural rights.  He learned about freedom of speech and freedom of the press as he watched the trial of John Peter Zenger in 1735.  Thomas Jefferson taught him lessons on freedom of religion and James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and George Mason all work with him on the Articles of Confederation and finally on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Put Chester Comix Expanded Adventures on your iTouch, iPhone or iPad.  

For grades 3 and up.


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