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Ariel Bradley: Spy for General Washington

Ariel Bradley: Spy for General Washington

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By Lynda Durrant with arts by Joe Rossi. ISBN 978-0-9832904-8-3. Copyright 2013. Softcover with 49 pages including glossary and epilogue.

Ariel Bradley is a nine year old boy who assists George Washington by pretending to be a country bumpkin (a “Johnny Raw”). He finds his way into General Howe’s camp while seeming to search for the mill as his father requested. In reality, Ariel is assessing the strength and numbers of the British and their Hessian allies. After he is sent on his way by the unsuspecting English, he reports to General Washington and his staff giving them key information before the Battle of White Plains, New York. Based on true events of October, 1776.

For ages 4-8.


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