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Spring Gardener Martha Washington Caroler: 2nd Edition

Spring Gardener Martha Washington Caroler

Price: $76.00


Before she married, Martha Washington enjoyed gardening, as many young women of her social class did.  As a mother, wife and later the First Lady, she was a most diligent household manager of the Mount Vernon estate.
Her role in the estate’s gardens became more than a hobby; the gardens were a tremendous resource, providing much more than just aesthetic enjoyment.  The gardens produced many of the fruits and vegetables served at the meals at Mount Vernon.
This 2nd Edition Martha Washington Caroler is dressed in pink and white with a straw hat held by a pink satin ribbon.  She carries her watering can and a basket of flowers.   The Byers’ Choice Caroler, handcrafted in Pennsylvania, is approximately 12” tall. Available exclusively at Mount Vernon.



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