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Maxims of George Washington

Maxims of George Washington

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Edited by John Frederick Schroeder.  ISBN 0-931917-16-6.  Copyright 1942, 1989.  Softcover with  224 pages. This collection was arranged by John Frederick Schroeder, D.D.

In the introduction, Gerald R. Ford writes that he learned about George Washington as a larger-than-life figure--an American icon. As he grew older, Ford expected to learn more about the man, but he found that Washington remained an enigma, "a soldier and statesman with a spotless reputation, a man so perfect that he seemed to lack color, depth, or imagination." This book is a condensation of Washington's most memorable statements. By reading Washington's own words, we can begin to understand the many facets of his character. The myth begins to sound like a man.

Published by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association.

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