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Gentleman Revolutionary - Gouverneur Morris – The Rake Who Wrote the Constitution

Gentleman Revolutionary - Gouverneur Morris – The Rake Who Wrote the Constitutio

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By Richard Brookhiser.  ISBN 0-7432-2379-9.  Copyright 2003.  Hardcover with 251 pages including an eight page illustration insert. 

Gouverneur Morris is the least known of our Founding Fathers.  His story is one that should be known by every American—after all, he drafted the Constitution, and his hand lies behind many of its most important phrases.  As Brookhiser shows in this sparkling narrative, Morris’s story is not only crucial to the Founding, it is also one of the most entertaining and instructive of all.  He was a witty, peg-legged ladies’ man.  His keen mind and his light, sure touch helped make our Constitution the most enduring fundamental set of laws in the world.  He kept his good humor through war, mobs, arson, death, and two accidents that burned the flesh from one of his arms and cut off one of his legs below the knee.  Above all he had the gift of a sunny disposition that allowed him to keep his head in any troubles.

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