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Dr. Benjamin Church, Spy: A Case of Espionage on the Eve of the American Revolution

Dr. Benjamin Church, Spy: A Case of Espionage on the Eve of the American Revolut

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By John A. Nagy. ISBN: 978-1-59416-184-1. Copyright 2013. Hardcover with 211 pages including appendices, bibliography and index.

A fascinating investigation of the least known and most dangerous spy in American history.

Dr. Benjamin Church, Jr., (1734-1778) was a respected medical man and civic leader in colonial Boston who was accused of being an agent for the British in the 1770’s, providing compromising intelligence about the plans of the provincial leadership in Massachusetts as well as important information from the meetings of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. George Washington accused him of being a traitor to the colonial cause and had him arrested and tried; after first being jailed during which time he continued to profess his innocence. In 1778, he was allowed to leave America on a British vessel which foundered in the Atlantic with all hands lost.

The question of whether Dr. Church was working for the British has never been conclusively demonstrated but here is newly discovered evidence that on the cusp of the revolution Dr. Church sought to align himself with the side he thought would emerge victorious, the British.


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