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The George Washington Teacher Institute

Established in 1999, the George Washington Teacher Institute is a highly competitive program which brings teachers to Mount Vernon, Virginia for an intensive week of study at Washington's home. Participating teachers immerse themselves in the study and discussion of this critical period of American history and the remarkable role George Washington played in the founding of our nation.

The application period for our Summer 2014 Teacher Institutes has closed.

Information on the 2015 Summer Teacher Institute application process will be posted this Fall.

George Washington is undeniably one of the most essential leaders in our nation’s history.  He stood at the center of every significant event in American history from commanding the Virginia militia in the French and Indian War to leading the Continental Army to victory in the Revolutionary War, and from presiding over the Constitutional Convention to guiding our nation through the first 8 years of nationhood as President of the United States.  To his contemporaries, Washington was the indispensable man who stood as a symbol of a new and growing nation.  To 21st century citizens, his legacy of leadership and civic responsibility remain as relevant models. 

Teachers will have the opportunity to:

  • Examine the character and accomplishments of George Washington while living on his 18th Century estate
  • Engage in active discussion of 18th Century history with top historians
  • Explore Mount Vernon through interactive workshops, tours, and group projects
  • Connect to Common Core and discuss how to integrate teaching history into English and STEM curricula in accordance with current education standards
  • Return to your classroom with new knowledge, teaching materials and enthusiasm to share with your students and colleagues

In 2014, Mount Vernon will host sessions by state to build the foundation for statewide collegial networks of teachers who can share classroom ideas, lesson plans, and resources.

2014 Dates

June 8-13: Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia
June 22-27: Nevada, Oregon, Ohio, California
July 13-18: Maryland, Florida, North Carolina
July 27-Aug 1: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York

Sample Institute Sessions

The French and Indian War
Washington as Commander in Chief
18th Century Economics
18th Century Surveying and Land Acquisition
The Constitutional Convention and Teaching the Constitution
Washington’s Leadership
George Washington and the Presidency
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson: Differing Perspectives
Slavery in the 18th Century
Martha Washington and Family Life
Object Based Learning
Role Playing and Role Biography in the Classroom
Teaching with Primary Documents
Incorporating the Socratic Method into Classroom Teaching
Common Core and STEM Connections

All teachers accepted into the institute receive a travel stipend and reside on the grounds of Washington's home. Participants are required to complete one lesson plan for dissemination to teachers across the nation on the Mount Vernon website, and perform one in-service session for colleagues in their home district or state.


Instructions: Download the appropriate application, type in information, save as PDF and email or mail response per your application instructions.

Download 2014 General Application

Download 2014 Application - MA
Download 2014 Application - NV
Download 2014 Application - OH
Download 2014 Application - OK
Download 2014 Application - OR

Applications will be accepted from certified public and non-public school teachers, teaching in grades 3 -12. Please review all materials before completing the application. Candidates from Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon should complete state specific applications. Please follow the instructions on your state application for due date and where to send your application. All other states should complete the General Application, completed applications should be sent to Danielle Schallom, with “Teachers’ Institute Application” in the subject line.

For questions or application problems, contact Danielle Schallom at or 703-799-5082. 

*Through private funding, the George Washington Teachers' Institute is open only to teachers in the states of Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon.