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Heritage Museum Replicas
Heritage Museum Replicas, crafted by Barbara Rothstein, is a collection of reproduction and adaptation jewelry from museums around the world. The collection highlights the decorative splendor of history and provides a link to past civilizations and cultures.

Heritage Museum Replicas partnered with Mount Vernon to create a line of jewelry based on pieces in the collection, as well as inspired by the architectural designs and motifs found throughout the Mansion. For information about how to order pieces from the Mount Vernon Collection, please visit

Silver Seasons
Silver Seasons’ exquisite naturalistic jewelry is designed and created by artist, Michael Michaud, who has perfected a technique of casting models directly from natural specimens. Once the models are made, Michael manipulates these “copies of nature” into beautiful jewelry using materials such as bronze, sterling silver, gold, natural stones, and pearls. The collection is a combination of Michael's exceptional knowledge of jewelry making and his love of nature.

Silver Season’s collection for Mount Vernon was made from samples taken directly from the gardens and grounds of the Estate. To find the nearest Silver Seasons retailer, please call toll free 800-295-6784, or email

The boxwood necklace and drop earings are available for purchase online.