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An Interview with Joseph Ellis

Mount Vernon recently had the chance to speak with Pulitzer-prize winning author and historian Joseph Ellis about this new book, Revolutionary Summer, and the critical period in the summer of 1776 when the independence movement was in full swing and the invasion of New York was underway.
Full Interview (25:48)


The New York Campaign of 1776 (6:31)
Joseph Ellis describes the American and British strategies during the 1776 New York Campaign and the far-reaching consequences that this campaign had on the war. Watch the Video


The Independence Movement (2:08)
Joseph Ellis discusses the crescendo moment of the first week of July 1776 when the decision to declare independence was formalized and the British army landed on Long Island. Watch the Video


Washington at New York (2:11)
Joseph Ellis discusses Washington's role in the New York Campaign of 1776 and the important lessons he learned from this military action. Watch the Video


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