This campaign year, show your support for George Washington! Browse our collection of campaign t-shirts, books, and more.

2016 Campaign Pin

Show your support for America's very best presidential candidate!

Your red, white, and blue campaign button proudly announces "GEORGE WASHINGTON FOR PRESIDENT". The metal button with pin back closure is 2 ½" in diameter. Made in USA.

PURCHASE - $1.95

Men's and Women's Shirts

Even though you can’t elect George Washington, you can show your support for him with this campaign t-shirt!

This navy short sleeved t-shirt has “George Washington for President” in white with red line accent and white star. Comfortable, casual and modern fitting unisex shirt. Made from 100% cotton, pre-shrunk. Made in U.S.A.

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Women's Long Sleeve Shirt

Comfortable, casual and form fitting women’s shirt. This garment runs small, you may want to size up. Made from 100% combed cotton. Made in U.S.A.

Buy - $24.95

Our Presidents Rock! by By Juliette Turner

Fun and interesting facts about the presidents of the United States and the role of the executive branch are presented with cartoons, quotes, great graphics, and humor. A fascinating history of the American presidency from George Washington through Barack Obama.

The intriguing information on each president includes:

  • The Bottom Line
  • What Were They Thinking?
  • Why Should I Care?
  • Breakin' It Down
  • Presidency
  • What Has He Done for Me Lately?
  • Quick Facts

For 6th grade and up. Softcover with 316 pages.

Buy - $15.99

Our Constitution Rocks! by Juliet Turner

Little did the Framers of the United States Constitution know that their work would change the course of history, but that is exactly what happened. The Constitution has been called miraculous, revolutionary, unprecedented, all that and more! With it, our Founding Fathers created a free nation, a country governed by the people in a way never seen before.

Young author Juliette Turner takes a unique look at our founding document and makes it relevant for today's young people. The Constitution is presented clause by clause in a fun, easy to grasp manner with facts, quotes, cartoons, details and graphics. This informative, relevant book offers a great beginning to understanding our Constitution.

Softcover with 224 pages including bibliography. For 6th grade and up.

Buy - $15.99

The Presidential Board Game

If you think you have what it takes to be America's next president this is the game for you!

The Presidential Game is a fun and exciting game of strategy where two teams, Democrats and Republicans, battle for control of each state to ultimately gain 270 or more electoral votes. An entertaining and educational game at home and in the classroom. Enjoy the thrill of playing to win the most powerful job in the world!

Game box contains 20" x 30" game board, one score pad, three blue dice, three red dice, 80 Politics Cards, 40 "Write-Your-Own" Politics Cards, 150 Republican Votes (red chips), 150 Democrat Votes (blue chips), one Electoral WebMap Calculator Access Code to allow scorekeeping on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Made for 2 or more players, ages 11 and up. Designed, printed and assembled in the USA.

Buy - $35.00

The President and Me: George Washington and the Magic Hat

By Deborah Kalb, daughter of distinguished scholar and journalist Marvin Kalb.

Adventure, history, and the drama of school life intertwine in this engrossing tale of a fifth-grade boy struggling to find his place after his best friend abandons him. Find out what happens when Sam's class takes a trip to Mount Vernon where he accidentally buys a bossy tri-corner hat that sweeps him off to the 18th century and a warm friendship with George and Martha Washington

As Sam travels back and forth between his present-day life and incredible adventures with George Washington, he learns about history, himself, and the nature of friendship and families.

Softcover with 144 pages. For ages 10-13.

Buy - $12.99

Watch George Washington in the 2016 Presidential Primary Debates

Former president George Washington goes head to head with Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and other candidates in this 2016 race.

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