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Lives Bound Together: Slavery at George Washington's Mount Vernon

Edited by Susan P. Schoelwer, Senior Curator at George Washington's Mount Vernon, with introduction by Annette Gordon-Reed of Harvard University.

At the time of George Washington's death in 1799, more than 300 enslaved men, women, and children lived on his Mount Vernon plantation. Lives Bound Together provides fresh research on this important topic, with brief biographies of 19 enslaved individuals, 10 essays, and 130 illustrations (including paintings, prints, and household furnishings from the Mansion, artifacts excavated by archaeologists from the slave quarters, documents, maps, and conjectural silhouettes that suggest the presence of the enslaved).

The text illuminates the lives, families, and experiences of the enslaved people of Mount Vernon as well as Washington's own evolving views on slavery, culminating in his pioneering action to free his slaves per the terms of his will. A Mount Vernon bookplate, signed by the author, is included with your purchase.

Copyright 2016. Softcover with 172 pages. Printed in USA.

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Lives Bound Together Coin Booklet

This commemorative coin booklet was created in honor of those who were enslaved at Mount Vernon.

The front of the booklet has an image of Old Mount Vernon created by esteemed genre artist Eastman Johnson after his visit to the estate in 1857 along with the words "Lives Bound Together, Remembering Those Enslaved at Mount Vernon ".

Inside the booklet is a photo of the Slave Memorial with details about the monument and a bronze coin. The coin has three profiles and "Lives Bound Together - Faith, Hope, Love" on one side and "In memory of the men women and children enslaved at Mount Vernon" on the other.

The back of the booklet has a list of names of some of the people who are honored at the Slave Memorial.

Made in USA.

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Lives Bound Together Pottery Mugs

available in coral, sage, and Dijon

An image of the Slave Cabin recreated at the Pioneer Farm at Mount Vernon is centered on the front of this hand-thrown pottery mug. "Faith-Hope-Love-Lives Bound Together-Faith-Hope-Love-Mount Vernon", which is inscribed on Mount Vernon's Slave Memorial, encircles the image.

The pot-bellied mug in shades of coral, sage and dijon is 4 ½" tall, 3 ½" in diameter at the base and 3" in diameter at the rim. American pottery from Deneen Pottery. Made in USA.

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Handmade from a Historic Red Oak

Wood for these items was sourced from a Red Oak tree, circa 1798. This fallen tree stood over the present day Slave Memorial at George Washington’s Mount Vernon until 2016.

All were hand crafted by Doug Dill, master wood crafter in Lanexa, Virginia. Each piece is signed and numbered on the bottom; a small card with the number and tree source and date is included. A numbered certificate signed by the Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association is also included.

Please note that there are no discounts available for these wood items. Handmade in USA.

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