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Inauguration Resources

Inaugural Visions: Presidents Washington to Obama

How do Americans measure leadership, vision, and policy to select the candidate they feel is best qualified to guide the nation? How has the process changed? Are the underlying principles of leadership consistent from the 18th to 21st centuries? How does the inauguration and inaugural address focus on our nation’s hope for the future?

Moderator Jennifer Nedeau, Director, Bully Pulpit Interactive; Peter Henriques, Associate Professor Emeritus George Mason University; and Dr. Stephen J. Farnsworth, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, University of Mary Washington lead students in discussions on how Americans choose leaders.

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Classroom Resources

Reader’s Theater

A Reader’s Theater is an oral exercise that allows students focus on expression, the words and physicality of acting.  The goals of George Washington’s First Inauguration Reader’s Theater include an understanding of the process of Inauguration; comprehension of a primary document; ability to read a primary document; an understanding of difference in vocabulary in the 18th century; and an understanding of specific vocabulary words.  The intended audience is Grades 4-5, however this lesson can be adjusted for multiple grades.

Readers Theater
18th Century Clothing Guide
How to Make a Straw Hat
How to Make a Tricorn Hat
How to Make Shoe Buckles
Video Podcast of Washington’s First Inaugural Address

Hear the complete version of Washington’s First Inaugural Address performed by three students from Mount Vernon High School in Alexandria, VA.  Share with your class and try recording your students reading Washington’s First Inaugural Address.  If your class performs the Address, we would love to see your version to align with ELA allow students to read Washington's Inaugural Address in their own words or write and deliver their vision for the United States. Send to

Video Podcast
Presidential Inaugurations: Washington and Obama Prezi

We created a Prezi Presentation for classroom use!  The presentation Presidential Inaugurations: Washington and Obama is available for all teachers to use in educating their students about the Inauguration. It is a fun way to show students how the Inauguration Ceremony has evolved since the first in 1789.

Prezi Presentation
Journey to the Presidency Board Game
Print out pages for Journey to the Presidency Board Game.
Image of the final set up of Journey to the Presidency Board Game.


Additional Resources

Below is a list of resources related to Washington’s Inauguration to use as background or in the classroom.