Please join us for the annual public, two-day professional development conference for area Virginia, DC, and Maryland teachers. This year’s focus is on prominent 18th century Virginians: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe.


This two-day workshop will explore the private lives of our Virginia founders through the words and images presented by the curating staff from each of their historic homes. The second day will be highlighted by sessions from noted historians, Dr. Frank Cogliano, Dr. Bill Ferrero, Dr. Cassandra Good, and Dr. Stuart Leibiger about the public lives and evolution of their relationships with one another.

Additional sessions will be presented by Mount Vernon staff on teaching primary documents, using historical artifacts/objects in the classroom, and portraying a historic figure.

New this year is a registration fee of $15 that will cover a provided lunch for both days of the conference leaving more time for networking amongst the participants. This year’s Public Days event will be held in The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington, so space is limited. We hope you will choose to join us in this quality professional development conference.

Full schedule to be posted by June 30, 2014.


Dr. Sara Bon-Harper
Executive Director, Ash Lawn-Highland

Dr. Carol Borchert Cadou
Senior Vice President, Historic Preservation & Collections, George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Dr. Frank Cogliano
Professor of History, Dean International for North America, The University of Edinburgh

Dr. William M. Ferrero
Associate Editor of the Papers of George Washington, University of Virginia

Dr. Cassandra Good
Assistant Editor of the Paper of James Monroe, University of Mary Washington

Emilie Johnson
Assistant Curator, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Meg Kennedy
Director of Museum Services, James Madison’s Montpelier

Dr. Stuart Leibiger
Assistant Professor of History, Lasalle University

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