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Nelly Custis Bedchamber

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Last restored in the 1980s, Nelly Custis' bedroom is in great need of help. Areas of focus for the restorations will include; cleaning and leveling of the floors, wall restoration and paint analysis.

With your donation, we can begin the task of repairing damage to the room, hanging new wallpaper, and installing period appropriate furniture and textiles. Help restore the Nelly Custis Bedchamber.

Floor Restoration

Original to the room, the pine floor has years of accumulated finishes which are not original to the Washington era and some areas are in need of refastening. As part of the restoration process, the floorboards will be cleaned and re-secured, so as to restore it to the condition in the Washington era.

Wall & Ceiling Restoration

Due to moisture from both wind driven rain and infiltration from above the room, there is water damage to the ceiling, walls, wood trim elements and wallpaper. The restoration will include investigation and mitigation of this problem.


The architectural finishes applied during the last renovation in the early 1980s were based on documentary research and paint evidence found in the room. Advances in paint analysis technology and a deeper look into documentary evidence for the room’s finishes may reveal new information that will help us create a more accurate restoration.