The Life Guard Society draws its inspiration from an elite group of 150 officers responsible for ensuring the safety of George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Today, the group is dedicated to generously supporting the mission of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association.

Today, The Life Guard Society is dedicated to generously supporting the mission of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. Membership in The Life Guard Society is not considered an honorary role, but rather a call to action – members give generously of time, talent, and resources to help with a wide variety of signature projects focused on Mount Vernon’s mission for preservation and education.

The Life Guard's Spring Reception on May 2, 2015

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Recently Sponsored Projects


  • 2014 – Development of Mount Vernon Mobile & Web Applications (Fall)
  • 2014 – Research on Plantation Life and the Enslaved Community (Spring)
  • 2013 – Gardens & Groves Museum Exhibition (Fall)
  • 2013 – Student Learning at Mount Vernon (Spring)
  • 2012 – Large Dining Room Restoration and Conservation (Spring and Fall)
  • 2011 – Hoecakes & Hospitality Museum Exhibition (Fall)
  • 2011 – Upper Garden Endowment (Spring)
  • 2010 – Archaeology Collections Online (Fall)
  • 2010 – Character Interpretation on the Estate (Spring)
  • 2009 – George Washington & His Generals Museum Exhibit (Fall)
  • 2008 – Presidential Entertaining & Dining Museum Exhibit (Fall)
  • 2008 – Character Interpretation Program – Billy Lee Staff (Spring)
  • 2007 – Washington’s Gardens & Landscape Support
  • 2006 – Conservation of Collections Objects
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