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Mount Vernon Annual Ornaments

Mount Vernon 2014 Christmas Ornament: The Style of Martha Washington

Price: $18.95


Mount Vernon’s 2014 holiday ornament is inspired by the fine jewelry of Martha Washington, America’s First Lady. This ornament combines the rich color of garnets with the classic luster of pearls, reflecting Lady Washington’s beauty and elegance.

The center feature on the front of the ornament is ¾” x ½” replica of Mount Vernon set on a deep red ‘jewel’, which in turn is set on a deep blue translucent background enhanced with gold filigree. The ornament is trimmed in eight point gold and red framing with a pearl accenting each of the eight points. “Mount Vernon” and “2014” show on the red and gold framing.

A quote from George Washington, “Cultivate Peace and Harmony with All’’, and a replica of his signature, show on the reverse side of the ornament.

The overall ornament is approximately 3 ¼” wide by 2 ¾” tall.

Red ribbon for hanging is included. Finish is 24 kt gold.

Beautifully gift-boxed with an educational enclosure card.



Mount Vernon 2013 Christmas Ornament: East Front of Mount Vernon by Currier & Ives

Price: $18.95


The charming color image of the east front of the mansion with guests and family enjoying a stroll on the east lawn featured on the new Mount Vernon 2013 ornament is from the lithograph, “The Home of Washington, Mount Vernon, 1858”. No publisher is identified but the print is identical to another in the Mount Vernon collection issued by Currier & Ives. Nathaniel Currier and James Merritt Ives operated the famous lithography firm that specialized in scenes of American life and history. The original print was a gift from Mrs. James T. Neal, who served as Vice Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association for Indiana from 1982 to 1994.

The center porcelain piece of the ornament is held inside an eight-point decorative framing with 24k gold finish accented with red, white and blue details. The reverse has “Mount Vernon the Home of George & Martha Washington by Currier & Ives circa 1858, 2013 MV” in red, white and blue lettering.

The overall ornament is approximately 3 ½” x 3 ¼” and includes red ribbon for hanging.

Beautifully gift-boxed with an educational enclosure card.


Mount Vernon 2012 Christmas Ornament: Hospitality at George and Martha Washington’s Mount Vernon

Regular Price: $18.95

Sale Price: $9.99


George and Martha Washington were renowned for the abundant hospitality that they offered at Mount Vernon.  As George Washington’s status as a world figure emerged, the numbers of visitors to his famous home also grew with each passing year.  Journal entries and reminiscences left by friends, family members and visitors offer vivid and invaluable glimpses into the Washingtons’ home.  Today, as in Washington’s time, Mount Vernon remains a centerpiece of hospitality and heritage which honors the man who was “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

Mount Vernon’s 2012 ornament commemorates that hospitality with a painting inspired by artist G. F. Gilman’s original 1878 print of Mount Vernon and an early visitor’s quote praising the Washingtons’ gracious ways.  The image of the painting on a softly edged porcelain rectangle is surrounded by a decorative frame with a 24kt gold finish.  The frame is topped with a pineapple, widely regarded as a symbol of hospitality.  The reverse side of the ornament is inscribed: “The elegant Hospitality exercised at Mount Vernon…renders it a most delightful Residence to your Friends.” – Eliza Powell to Martha Washington 1787

The image of Mount Vernon is 2” x 1 ½” while the overall ornament is 3” x 2 ½” and includes a red ribbon for hanging.

Beautifully gift boxed with an educational enclosure card.


Mount Vernon 2011 Christmas Ornament: The Prayer at Valley Forge

Price: $18.95


Mount Vernon’s 2011 holiday ornament is inspired by artist Arnold Friberg’s original painting, “The Prayer at Valley Forge”.  The image on the front of the ornament is the snow kissed west front of the Mansion looking exceptionally beautiful by the light of the moon and one bright star.  A three-dimensional red banner with “Mount Vernon 2011” shows across the lower edge.

On the reverse is the central portion of the famous painting of George Washington kneeling in the snow at Valley Forge and a red banner with “The Prayer at Valley Forge” across the lower edge.  

The images are on porcelain ovals surrounded by an eight point decorative framing with a 24kt gold finish. 

 The ornament is approximately 3 ¼” wide and 3” tall and includes red ribbon for hanging.  Beautifully gift boxed with an educational enclosure card.


Mount Vernon 2007 Ornament, 275th Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington

Regular Price: $18.95

Sale Price: $6.99


“As to the house it is a country residence, the handsomest I have seen in America, it is symmetrically built and has two stories, counting the false roofs, wherein some pretty chambers have been constructed” wrote Claude Blanchard in 1782.
The lure of Mount Vernon was as powerful a magnet in the eighteenth century as it is for visitors today. In one year alone, nearly 700 overnight guests lodged in the “pretty chambers,” and many more found it a necessary daytrip destination in Virginia.
George Washington understood the power of architecture as he boldly designed and expanded a home that was to become frequently imitated, and perhaps the most copied house in the country. The Mansion’s enduring beauty is the product of Washington’s intellect and talent, a surveyor’s practiced eye and an architect’s imagination.
Created to celebrate the 275th anniversary of George Washington’s birth as well as the enduring iconic style of his home – this 2007 Mount Vernon Holiday Ornament beautifully offsets the Mansion’s west front against a backdrop of the stunning oval pediment window. Elegant decorative motifs selected from the large dining room complement the classic design. The engraving on the reverse side features the east front of the Mansion, and is inscribed “275th Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington” and “2007.” Measures about 2 1/2” high by 3 1/2” wide. 24 kt gold finish with enamel details. Beautifully gift boxed along with an educational enclosure card.

1996 Early View of Mount Vernon

Price: $18.95


Through the efforts of countless artists, George Washington's home was also familiar in national and international circles even before the advent of photography. This early view of Mount Vernon showing horsemanship and hospitality was painted by Italian artist, G. Ferrario. P. Fumagalli created the aquatint, circa 1816, from Ferrario's original artwork. This print resides in the collections of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association with over 1,000 "early views" of the Mansion. This ornament is on fine porcelain in a setting of 24-karat gold-finished brass. Engraved Christmas 1996 on the back with the words: Mount Vernon Circa 1816, adapted from a hand-tinted engraving by P.Fumagalli.

1996 George Washington's 16-Sided Barn

Price: $18.95


Many people do not know that, in his day, George Washington was known as the "first farmer of America."  His public feats as general and president overshadowed his agricultural accomplishments. His creative design for a "round" barn in which horses could tread wheat indoors is represented in this ornament of 24-karat gold-finished brass.  The barn itself is a medallion that dangles as three-dimensional farm animals march around the border. The ornament is a fitting image for George Washington: Pioneer Farmer, who set out to transform his Mount Vernon plantation into a model of progressive agriculture.

2002 Martha Washington's Fan

Price: $18.95


This unusual and unique 2002 ornament is adapted from one of Martha Washington's fans. Most of Mrs. Washington's fans were bought in London, through the Washington's factor, Robert Cary, and some were supplied by Lardner & Co. in London. Although some of the fans were made in England, others are noted as French. Many of the ivory fans were probably of Chinese origin that had been exported to London. After the Revolution, Martha Washington's fans were secured in America, usually in Philadelphia. The fan depicted here was purchased in November 1975 at a Parke/Benet (now Sotheby's) sale in which Mrs. Walter Peter sold 42 lots of Washington/Custis family memorabilia. The successful purchaser donated the fan to Mount Vernon in June 1976.

1988 Dining Room Stucco Ceiling

Price: $18.95


The elaborate stucco ceiling in the small dining room of Mount Vernon is thought by many to be one of the finest examples of plaster decoration known to its period. George Washington gave explicit directions regarding the ceiling, calling for exquisitely graceful ornamentation, which involved finding craftsmen who would fulfill Washington's expectation to the finest detail. At the center of the ceiling is a beautiful rosette, surrounded by a wheel of heavy stucco foliage. Encircling this is a garland-like pattern, whose points serve as a tradition to the finer foliage bordering the ceiling. The impression of simple, understated elegance, which many feel is a reflection of George Washington himself, is captured in this 24-karat gold-finished brass ornament.

1990 Martha Washington's States China

Price: $18.95


One of the most interesting sets of china owned by the Washington family is the "States" china. Martha Washington's initials, set upon a starburst, serve as the central motif on the Chinese porcelain plate, and it is the inspiration for this 24-karat gold-finished brass ornament. The sunburst is encircled by a chain enclosing the names of the fifteen states, a design that Dutch American collector, Everardus van Braam Houckgeest adapted from the fractional dollars issued by the Continental Congress in 1776. The chain symbolizes strength and union, a sentiment echoed by the motto "Decus et Tutamen ab Illo," which is translated as "a glory and defense from it." Noticeable is the unusual spelling of some of the states.

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