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Byers’ Choice Carolers

Mount Vernon Gingerbread House Ornament from Byers’ Choice

Price: $14.95



There is sparkling snow all around this Byers’ Choice faux gingerbread ornament, created exclusively for Mount  Vernon .  The red roof glistens with “ice” while the chocolate colored doors and windows are decorated with green holly. The deep red ribbon for hanging holds a little sprig of holly.

The ornament is 5” long, 2” wide and 3 ½” tall from base to cupola.

A "Byers' Choice Ltd." sticker is affixed to the underside of the ornament.


Byers' Choice Liberty the Cat

Price: $20.00


The popularity of Liberty, a fictional cat from Carla Heymsfeld’s charming book “Where Was George Washington?”, has grown so over the years that many people like to imagine that Liberty was a real cat who lived at Mount Vernon in George Washington’s day.  This miniature Liberty, with her red, white and blue collar, is a great addition to any Byers’ Choice caroling group.  Made exclusively for Mount Vernon and only available at the Shops.

Made in America, the calico singing cat is approximately 3” tall.

George Washington the Mason Caroler: 4th Edition

Price: $76.00


Washington was among many founding fathers who were Masons, including Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton.  The Marquis de Lafayette was also a Mason.  These men exemplified freemasonry’s major values--the belief in a God or a higher being, brotherhood, loyalty, charity, education and justice. 

Masonry was a theme throughout Washington’s life, and was observed at his death. Colonel William Payne, a fellow member of Lodge No. 22, whom Washington had known for over 40 years, was an honorary pallbearer at Washington’s funeral.  Payne wore an impressive Masonic apron of cream-colored silk with nearly 30 symbols of the Masonic brotherhood. 

Our Masonic George Washington caroler is wearing a reproduction of Brother Payne’s apron and is holding a bible and gavel.  This apron is an important part of Mount Vernon’s permanent collection.      

The 14” tall George Washington, the Mason, 4th edition Byers’ Choice Caroler is handcrafted in Pennsylvania and is available exclusively at Mount Vernon. 




General George Washington Caroler: 1st Edition

Price: $76.00


In 1776, George Washington served as commander in chief of the overpowered Continental Army fated for independence.  He rode to battle wearing a dark blue uniform likely based on the one he wore as commander of the Fairfax (Virginia) Independent Company in 1775.  At 6 foot 2, Washington towered over many of his contemporaries, and was an excellent horseman.  With gold threaded epaulettes, brass buttons, and buff trim highlighting his collar, lapels, cuffs, waistcoat, and breeches, Washington was an imposing figure to his men and enemies alike.
The General George Washington Byers' Choice Caroler is hand-crafted in Pennsylvania, is 14" tall and available exclusively at Mount Vernon.




Lady Martha Washington Caroler: 1st Edition

Price: $76.00


Martha Dandridge Custis met Colonel Washington during the French and Indian War.  The dashing 6 foot 2 officer certainly impressed the vivacious young widow, who was just over 5 feet tall.  They were engaged to be married within a year.  As America's first First Lady, Martha was known for her warm and gracious hospitality.  Her Mount Vernon home was visited by thousands of people from all walks of life, many not expected but nearly all welcomed.  For everyday use, the Washingtons ordered countless pieces of "blew and white" china richly decorated with hand-painted river scenes and other views of Chinese domestic life.
The Lady Washington Byers' Choice Caroler is hand crafted in Pennsylvania, is 14" tall and available exclusively at Mount Vernon.



George Washington Caroler: 3rd Edition

Price: $76.00


During Christmastime at Mount Vernon, George Washington and his gentlemen contemporaries could often be seen participating in outdoor winter activities such as horseback riding and fox hunting. According to Thomas Jefferson, Washington was “the best horseman of his age, and the most graceful figure that could be seen on horseback”. The George Washington 3rd Edition Caroler is dressed in traditional 18th century winter attire in a warm black cloak with his riding crop in his hand.

Byers’ Choice carolers are hand-crafted in Pennsylvania.  Caroler is 12” tall.   

*Please see the companion 3rd Edition Martha Washington Caroler below.




Martha Washington Caroler: 3rd Edition

Price: $76.00


Christmas was a time of great joy for the Washingtons when the family was home at Mount Vernon.  Martha Washington enjoyed a reputation as the ultimate hostess, household manager and doting wife and mother. 
The Martha Washington 3rd Edition Caroler features Lady Martha decked out in graceful 18th century winter attire of a red velvet cape, elegant dress and black fur muff to keep her hands warm.
Byers’ Choice carolers are hand-crafted in Pennsylvania.  

Caroler is 12” tall.  




Byers’ Choice Wooden Advent Calendar

Price: $86.00


The holiday season held special meaning for George and Martha Washington.  The couple chose Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas, for their wedding in 1759.  Soon, the new family settled at Mount Vernon, Washington’s estate on the banks of the Potomac River.  After eight long years as commander in chief of the Continental Army, Washington resigned his commission at the war’s end in 1783.  Eager to finally return home to Mount Vernon after the long departure, he traveled on horseback from Annapolis, Maryland.  By the time he arrived home to Martha and his family, it was twilight on Christmas Eve.
Celebrate the charm, history, and joy of the Holiday season with the Mount Vernon wooden advent calendar.  The Washington family is shown in front of the snow covered west front of the Mansion.  The 24 numbered doors allow room for one or several small surprises to mark each day of Advent until Christmas Day. This calendar is designed to be enjoyed year after year and will change along with your child’s interests.  It will surely become an anticipated part of your family’s Holiday celebration.
The sturdy wooden Mount Vernon Advent calendar measures 15” x 18 ½” x 3 ½” and weighs 4 pounds.

This item cannot be shipped internationally.




Entrepreneur George Washington Caroler: 2nd Edition

Price: $76.00


Beyond his accomplishments as first president, his military performance, and an active family life lies George Washington’s historic role as an entrepreneur.  The Potomac River afforded him a profitable fishery operation while his gristmill produced ground flour and cornmeal.  The whiskey producing distillery also yielded revenue and was the largest distillery in America.
Just as General Washington was a hands-on entrepreneur, our Caroler features a lifelike rendition in authentic costume, a bag of cornmeal from the gristmill he built, a barrel from his unrivaled distillery, and fish caught from the Potomac. 
This 2nd Edition George Washington Caroler, dressed in brown britches, muslin shirt, and dark burgundy jacket with brass buttons, is approximately 13” tall.  The Byers’ Choice Caroler, handcrafted in Pennsylvania, is available exclusively at Mount Vernon.



Spring Gardener Martha Washington Caroler: 2nd Edition

Price: $76.00


Before she married, Martha Washington enjoyed gardening, as many young women of her social class did.  As a mother, wife and later the First Lady, she was a most diligent household manager of the Mount Vernon estate.
Her role in the estate’s gardens became more than a hobby; the gardens were a tremendous resource, providing much more than just aesthetic enjoyment.  The gardens produced many of the fruits and vegetables served at the meals at Mount Vernon.
This 2nd Edition Martha Washington Caroler is dressed in pink and white with a straw hat held by a pink satin ribbon.  She carries her watering can and a basket of flowers.   The Byers’ Choice Caroler, handcrafted in Pennsylvania, is approximately 12” tall. Available exclusively at Mount Vernon.



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